About This Project

The Susita car is well known in Israel. For many years it was considered a groundbreaking Israeli invention in the world of industry. It’s a sad story about a dream and its disillusionment: to create an automobile industry that almost took over the world.



Director :


Avi Weissblei is an Israeli filmmaker, an independent producer and director. In 2010 he completed his first feature length documentary “A State Behind the Scenes” that depicts the backstage events of the declaration of independence of the State of Israel. This film was in different festivals around the globe. In 2013 directed the movie “The Ceremony” that was broadcast in YES documentary channel and won the Best audience award in DocAviv Film Festival 2013 and in 2018 produced and directed “The Assassination” that was screened in DOCAVIV 2018 and all over the country. These days he works on several documentary projects.