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Production In and Animated movie workshop on the APOX

At the beginning of the school year, there will be two free workshops intended for children set in the APOX movie festival: An intensive documentary and experimental movie workshop for the high school teenagers, and the elementary school animated movie workshop. They will be organised by the Pula filmska tvornica and the APOX movie festival.

Production In – workshop is primarily meant for the elementary and high school, as well as for others who are interested in taking their shot at the four-day movie production challenge – all the way from the idea to realisation in 36 working hours. At this intensive workshop, ten young authors will produce their own independent movie.
The workshop is made up of three parts – the elaboration of the idea and scenario, shooting and montage. The number is limited to 10 atendees, and targets all of the creative minds of Lošinj – musicians, painters, media workers, actors, dancers, travel writers and all others.

Animated movie workshop is primarily meant for the elementary school kids and everyone else who loves animation. It starts with the making of the fenakistoscope, a popular device for picture animation. With the making of it, the atendees will be introduced with the cores of the animation. They will be working in teams on the scenario ideas.
After, they will be working on the shooting book made up of eight sketches, written dialogues and sound suggestions. The atendees will be able to realise their story segment in the form of many drawings or stop frame animation which includes the making of freestanding scenography and characters. After that, they will record the drawings, synchronise, edit, and finally project the animated movie in front of the public. The number of atendees is limited to 15.

The workshops are hosted by Pulska filmska tvornica, in the organisation of APOX Film Festivala.

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