Za sve ljubitelje dokumentarnog filma 28.09.-05.10.2021. (Kino Veli Lošinj)

Odabrani filmovi za Apox film festival 2021

  • The Master Brewer

    THE MASTER BREWER is a magical comeback story about Leo Andelin, who in 1963 developed the most famous food of Finland - Lapin Kulta beer. A boy from a working class family in remote Tornio, Leo grows up to become the humble gentleman of beer, who passionately nurtures his “northern beer flower”.

  • Desert Tested

    The Susita car is well known in Israel. For many years it was considered a groundbreaking Israeli invention in the world of industry. It’s a sad story about a dream and its disillusionment: to create an automobile industry that almost took over the world.

  • ENOUGH! Lebanon's Darkest Hour

    The eyes of the world were forced to turn their gaze upon Lebanon, not only because of the Beirut Port explosion that devastated this ancient city on 4th August 2020, but also because, sadly, Lebanon stands as an allegory for kleptocratic regimes that have seen a resurgence across the globe, and their catastrophic impact. Before the explosion, the country was already cowering under the weight of decades of civil conflict, unrelenting regional turmoil but mostly from endemic, systemic corruption and pure greed.

  • Ivan's game

    IVAN’S GAME is a biographical documentary which covers the life story of one of the greatest Croatian football players of all time: Ivan Gudelj. The film follows Ivan’s meteoric rise and the tragic end of his career at the height of his fame when he got ill from hepatitis B virus that nearly killed him. It is a story of an exceptional man who lost everything because of the illness, but eventually won his life's game.

  • Seven Thousand Souls

    Serbia alone had lost a third of its entire population in the Great War, almost half its men. This film talks about those that never returned home from the two biggest Austria-Hungarian prisoner camps on the territory of today's Czech Republic - Jindřichovice and Broumov. A film that I owed to my nation.

  • A Dilo

    A DILO has been Peshmerga since 1993, and has been to every battle the Kurds in north of Iraq had been in whether civil wars or wars of liberation. So he has been alive with a wealth of fighting experience that passed the two decades, and yet since he is neither corrupt nor have relatives with high ranks he was not elevated.


    An atmospheric exploration of what biodiversity conservation means to this Machiguenga community living in one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. When Arnold returns to his native community in the Peruvian Amazon after living in the urban world, he remembers the stories told to him by his grandfather and the great importance of maintaining balance with the jungle.


    Five children, five stories, five lives rescued from hell. Mission in Battambang shows how Prefect Kike Figaredo and his team bring back hope and future to five Cambodian children. Toi, Sameth, Pailou, Wanari and Sokmali know what a helping hand is to recover from antipersonnel mine wounds, the day by day horrors of the dumpsite, alcoholism or lack of education. Through the eyes of these children, we will see a suffering Cambodia trying to overcome a past of war and destruction.

  • Zero Gravity

    A diverse group of middle-school students go on the journey of a lifetime when they compete in a nationwide competition sponsored by MIT to code satellites aboard the International Space Station.

  • On the edge

    The extraordinary story of Avner, for whom the sky was a playground and when he lost them he found himself on the ground in search for new meaning in his life.

  • Blue Frontier

    The man from the border has spent his entire life searching for the biggest fish that the blue Danube hides. Every sunrise sees the old fisherman attempt to lure the river giant in an ancient fishing way by clapping on the river surface with a hand-carved piece of wood. Two rivals - one on the surface of the water and the other concealed within the depths of the mighty river are waiting to finally meet.

  • I live

    The film presents the life of Martina Piskač from her early childhood, teenage years, youth and motherhood to her mature age when she became a ______. Martina has spinal muscular atrophy. Despite numerous negative prognoses, she managed to shape for herself an active lifestyle and achieve equality according to her desires and ambitions. Her difficult and progressing physical disability put her into an electric wheelchair, but personal assistance now allows her to live independently.

  • Blind VIsion

    Matteo is a boy with cognitive problems and a great sensitivity, Felice is an artist and he carves marble to live, while Sergio is an ex-soldier who was mutilated in an accident that started a new life. They have one thing in common: all three are blind or partially sighted artists. We follow their life and their stories, including events, interviews and exhibitions.

  • Colonization and Black Slavery in the French West Indies

    This film could be titled: "Racism in the Name of Capital and Religion" or "Global Racism Origin and Spread" The UN has declared 2015-2025 the decade for people of African descent. One might wonder why so late? We are more than two billion Afro-descendants.

  • Testament to a time

    Testament to a time is a storytelling documentary told by war veterans from three armies involved in the Bosnian War. This is their perspective of the role of the soldier – 25 years later.

  • FROM TRASH TO TREASURE: turning negatives into positives in Lesotho

    From erosion to overgrazing to enduring poverty, the people of Lesotho—a highland country surrounded by South Africa—face a variety of difficult challenges. Yet grassroots communities in the country also exhibit tremendous resourcefulness and creativity

  • March for Dignity

    Feature documentary March for Dignity follows a small group of LGBTI+ activists in Tbilisi, Georgia as they attempt to conduct the first Pride march in the country, They face overwhelming opposition from far-right groups, the government, and the Georgian Orthodox Church, which has led to a history of attacks on the LGBTI+ community

  • Kum Gecesi

    From the late 1980s till 2009 thousands of workers have worked in ateliers of denim sandblasting ateliers (mostly underground workshops) in Istanbul. All these workers who have ever worked in these ateliers, have been caught up in disease of silicosis which has no treatment.

  • Agnès Varda

    A brief overview of the life and cinema of French film director, screenwriter, photographer and installation artist Agnès Varda. Her work was pioneering for, and central to, the development of the widely influential French New Wave film movement of the 1950s and 1960s. Historically, Agnès Varda is seen as the New Wave's mother.

  • Architecture of RA

    This documentary is about the pyramids and temples of Ancient Egypt, interspersed with snapshots of everyday life from modern day Egypt. The concept is that pyramids were more than simply tombs; they were designed to interact with the sun on a set date in the year and this documentary shows how. They designed them this way so that they could assist the king with his principal afterlife goal, which was to ascend to the sun boat where he would live on for all eternity.


    “The loss of the body” reflects the physical and psychological struggle that multiple sclerosis patients suffer daily. Accept the disease, importance to physical exercise and change step by step.

O festivalu

Kulturna manifestacija koja spaja muzejsko galerijske prostore i film na jednom mjestu. Ovim projektom se želi osvijestiti raznolikosti otoka Lošinja, njegove povijesne baštine,kulture i to sve spojiti na filmsko platno. Ovim putem brojimo preko 70 internacionalnih filmova, s preko 45 sati filma na 3 lokacije otoka Lošinja, Muzej palača fritzy, muzej apoksiomen i kino sala veli lošinj. za ostvarivanje ovog projekta imamo preko 12 volontera iz hrvatske koji će uvijek biti tu dostupni gledateljima i dostupni svim zainteresiranim producentima i predtavnicima filma, te će pružiti najbolje od sebe kako bi ste se osjećali kao diva na crvenom tepihu. zato ne zaboravite datum. informirajte se i budite dio apox film festivala. Od 02.10.-05.10.2020. nađite vremena i posjetite APOX film festival
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